Occupational Safety & Health Services at the workplace  comprises  of  three 3  core  services

  1. Clinical
  2. Consultancy
  3. Training

Our  Clinical  Services  include the following;

  1. Diagnosis of  occupational-health related  conditions that require notification under  the NADOPOD Reg 2004 rules
  2. Medical  surveillance  services both on- and off-site
  3. Audiometry booth( approved by DOSH ) spirometry , other supporting  services  ( laboratory, X-rays, MRI, CAT scan, ECG, treadmill, physiotherapy,  ultrasound, echo, etc.)
  4. Case  investigation – show cause ( discipline,  post -accident, disability, etc. ) work  restrictions,  return  to  work, etc.
  5. Insurance  reporting, SOCSO, EPF, etc.
  6. Special  programme – lung  protection, skin protection
  7. Chemical  exposures, skin, lungs, eye ailments, other organ ailments .
  8. As per request

Consultancy  Services

  1. Policy  development
  2. Programme content development
  3. Programme audit
  4. Programme documentation
  5. Health  risk  assessment
  6. Ergonomics risk  assessment ‘
  7. Onsite  accident investigation
  8. Onsite public  health audit –  sanitation, housing, water quality, pest control, etc,
  9. Visiting  OH  advisor
  10. As  per  request

Training Services

  1. Chemicals  hazardous  to  health
  2. Indoor  air  quality
  3. Ergonomic
  4. Hearing  conservation
  5. Occupational  health  diseases
  6. HIV-AIDS  in  the  workplace
  7. Lifestyle  diseases
  8. Blood  borne  diseases
  9. Medical  surveillance  programme
  10. Repiratory  protection programme
  11. Skin protection  programme
  12. First  aid /BLS

Our  physicians  are  possess  occupational health, public  health  as  well as other  postgraduate  qualification/competencies. They are appointed  as OHD  by the relevant authorities like the  Department of  Occupational  Safety  and  Health  Department, SOCSO, etc

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