Ergonomics  is  the  field  that studies the interaction between humans, tasks , the environment and machines  ( HTEM ). In  other  words, ergonomics is about  fitting  the  job  to  the  worker . More  often than not, the  employer  tries  to  fit the  worker to  the job ! This  unique  interaction can lead  to  various  safety  and  health  issues  which  sre  called  ergonomic  issues ( EI ) . EI can be  looked  upon as  hazards  at  the  workplace .

Ergonomic  issues are  commonly  neglected  as  most  workplaces are  productivity -oriented  i.e. maximise  output, mimnimise cost . In  the engineering  and  manufacturing  paradigms,  human  factors  are  not  always  keyed  into  the  formula. By  not  taking  into  account  human  limitation – for example,  work  speed  and output  capabilities – accidents and  ill-health  will result.

We seek to assist employers understand  these issues, and make improvements wherever possible. After all, employees, their    most  important  asset .

For  ergonomic   services, we  have  clinical, training  and  consultancy  services for your total benefit .

1) Clinical

  • In-patient / Out patient
  • Return to work Assessment
  • Disability Assessment
  • Medical Removal Protection
2) Training
  • Ergonomics at the Workplace
3) Consultancy Services
  • Site Visit
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Programme Development

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